Hey Google, find me a custom home builder near me who can help me realize my vision for a dream house… and keep my budget from blowing up! 

It can seem like an impossible task. It’s not! When you find the right builder, and you make the most informed decisions, you will achieve your goals… and move in to a comfortable, welcoming, beautiful home.

You can save money by opting for affordable home models in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach. These designs are tried and true and will deliver the cost savings you need – and the results you want. Additionally:

Choose an Efficient Floor Plan and Footprint

To save money when building a house, you don’t have to necessarily think smaller. Think smarter. Reducing your footprint does, of course, lower your initial construction costs, but it can make your home feel cramped and constricted. With efficient design, you can build a larger home or make a moderately-sized home feel much more spacious. 

There are other ways to save money: for example, you can make sure the distances that duct work has to travel is minimized, thus cutting installation costs and boosting efficiency on a month-to-month basis. When you have an experienced builder on your side, you can achieve the results you want and stay within budget.

Know When to Save and When to Spurge

Be careful that cutting costs doesn’t mean you’re cutting corners. You may want to spend a little more on key items/systems in exchange for better quality, durability, and efficiency. For example, splurge on features like energy efficient doors and windows, high R value insulation, and Energy Star appliances. You can save on fixtures (e.g. faucets, light switches, etc.), which have a much shorter lifespan and can be easily and be changed relatively inexpensively. See more ideas from Synergy Homes here.

Think Long Term

Sticking to your budget is essential, but also think long term. Will your house be a money pit in a few years as you struggle to cool or heat it, for example? Again, splurging on key items can make a big difference. Synergy Home’s affordable home models in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach are up to 50% more efficient than average new homes and up to 75% more efficient than existing homes. And because you choose your design from our wide selection, you save on costs associated with full custom builds. 

Hey Google, find me a custom home builder near me who understands my needs and can help you make the most of my budget. The answer is Synergy Homes!

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