What is the cost to build a home in Port St. Lucie? Here’s the short answer: it depends. For prospective homebuyers, this is the most frustrating answer of all; it is very difficult to factor “it depends” into your budget! 

As discouraging as it seems initially, it is nonetheless true. The key is to understand the variables that influence price – and to work with an experienced builder so you can “cost engineer” as needed without sacrificing energy efficiency, safety, comfort, convenience, or aesthetics. 

We are going to give you some general figures so you can see what kind of ballpark you’re playing in, so to speak. We’ll also discuss short- vs. long-term costs that factor into your decisions.

Breaking Down the Cost to Build a Home In Port St. Lucie

Home prices are highly variable, and this is as true for existing houses as it is for new builds. Factors that play a role include:

  • The location in which you want to build. Port St. Lucie is a beautiful city along Florida’s Treasure Coast and is nationally ranked as one of the best metro areas to live in. The specific neighborhood also impacts price: is it on the water or nearby? Is it in close proximity to services and amenities? Is it a more affluent area? 
  • Size of the home. While there are always exceptions, a general rule is bigger house = bigger price tag. A 1500 square foot home simply costs less to build than a 4000 square foot home. Less lumber, less concrete for the foundation, less steel for the roof… you get the idea.
  • The market. This is a big factor in the cost to build a home in Port St. Lucie – and anywhere else. How much are houses going for in this area? Is it in line with historical averages, or are we seeing an ebb or flow in demand?
  • Material and supply prices. When building a home, it is important to think about the cost of materials and supplies. For example, lumber prices recently shot sky high in the wake of the pandemic. More demand, and snags in the supply chain, contributed to this situation. The cost for other materials/supplies also increased. Fortunately, this has started to stabilize, and we’re seeing “normal” again! But again, it is a factor to consider.
  • The cost of land. If you are building a new house, you need somewhere to put it! You can purchase your own lot, choose a model home that is located in a community, or opt for a spec house in Port St. Lucie. For an undeveloped lot, be sure to include costs to get it ready for building, installing utilities, etc. 

Let’s get to the bottom line: according to recent estimates, it costs approximately $94.85 – $140.84 per square foot to build a home. This is for basic construction and covers:

  • Pouring the foundation
  • Standard building materials and supplies
  • Basic finishes
  • Cleanup

It does not include:

  • Cost of the land 
  • Blueprints
  • Customization and Upgrades (e.g. granite/marble counters, hardwood floors, spray foam insulation, etc.)
  • Decks, porches, etc.

*Note: What the price includes depends on whether you are building a fully custom home and whether you are opting for a model or spec house in Port St. Lucie. Be sure to ask your builder and/or realtor for specifics. 

Long-Term Costs to Consider

Figuring out the cost to build a house in Port St. Lucie is the first step – and, yes, it is a big one! But there’s another step that is equally important: looking at long-term costs. In other words, how much will it cost to operate and maintain your home going forward? 

Here’s an example. You can save money on your upfront costs by using R-30 blown insulation in your attic space. It’s standard, it’s cheaper. But picture one of our near-100° degree summer days. 

With this insulation, your attic is 44°-64° degrees warmer than your air-conditioned space. 144°-164°is a bit warm even for native Floridians! Now, when this space is that hot, your AC is running overtime in the rest of your home to keep it cool. This, of course, increases your energy consumption and utility costs. 

And this is just one example. A high-performance, energy-efficient home saves you thousands of dollars a year. Think about it like this: would you rather save, say, $8000 now or pay double or triple that over the first few years of owning your home? Investing in higher quality materials saves you down the road – and will continue to do so over the lifetime of your home.

Don’t forget about ongoing value: energy-efficient homes retain and even build value better than conventionally built houses, even in economic downturns. 

Exceptions to the Rule

Earlier we mentioned a general rule: bigger houses = bigger price tags. There’s always an exception! High-performance home models offer exceptional efficiencies. While they can be customized in many respects (upgrade to a premium countertop or flooring), they follow a set blueprint, if you will. 

Builders have extensive experience erecting these homes and can move with greater speed without sacrificing quality. So a 4000 square foot home typically costs less than a 4000 thousand square foot fully custom home or even a smaller one (all other factors being the same or comparable).

Find Your Answers – and Your New Home

Planning can be overwhelming, especially when you are trying to figure out the cost to build a home in Port St. Lucie. We’re here to make it easier, less stressful… and more exciting. Synergy Homes is committed to building the most energy-efficient, elegant homes in South Florida, and, just as importantly, helping you find your dream home.

Contact our team today to learn more about our process, pricing, and stunning inventory of models and new builds.

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