Buying a model home is a great option for those who want to maximize their budget, streamline their schedule, and enjoy terrific features and all the comforts of home. Affordable home models save you money both in terms of upfront costs and ongoing expenses. Let’s take a look:

  1. They’re Move-In Ready

A model home, or spec home, is one that has been built and is available for people to see how the floor plans and footprints are realized. You can look, touch, and imagine all the possibilities. They have not been lived in, but they are set up and ready to go.

Quality model home builders also offer an extensive selection of floor plans that you can peruse. If one of these suits you, or if you want to make some customizations, you can do so on a more accelerated timeline – and for a lower price – as we discuss below.

  1. Experience and Streamlined Processes Save You Money

Free Model Home Comparison | Synergy Homes of South FloridaThe appeal of building a cost home is undeniable: rather than trying to find a house that fits your needs and lifestyle (or settling for fitting your needs and lifestyle to a house), you have the freedom and flexibility to decide  – down to individual fittings and features – what you want. On the flip side, though, is the cost. Building custom is, for many people, cost-prohibitive. Buying a model home, however, allows you to select from various models and enjoy a beautifully appointed home at a much lower price point.

Further, quality home builders have extensive experience and established processes when it comes to constructing according to their library of home model designs. They are able to work more quickly, yet deliver exceptional results.

  1. Buying a Model Home Saves Time

As mentioned, home builders like Synergy Homes have well-established processes, connections, and partnerships with vendors/suppliers. They are ready to get started, and this saves you untold time – which also saves you untold money. If you’re moving out of a rental unit or have sold your home, it is important to have housing lined up, and time frames can be tight. Building a custom home can take 10 – 16 months. A model home takes three to six to complete, and, of course, builders have houses that are move-in ready.

  1. Affordable Home Models Are Energy Efficient

In addition to initial costs, it is important to consider the ongoing expenses associated with owning a home. Synergy’s Gold and Platinum series homes are up to 75 percent more energy efficient than existing housing stock and up to 50 percent more energy efficient than average new construction. Energy savings like those certainly add up!

If you are interested in buying a model home, contact the Synergy Homes team. We strive to ensure all of our customers enjoy a positive experience and move into their dream house. Let us know how we can help you.

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