Building a home is a dream for many people; for many, it will become a reality.  It can be a very daunting task but also extremely rewarding.  The best approach to accomplishing your goal is to break the process down into a series of steps, which can be checked off as they are completed.  There are many steps to building a house in Florida, so prepare a notebook or a binder and let’s begin to explore what it takes to make dreams come true!


 It is important to understand that a construction loan is not the same as a traditional 30-year fixed mortgage.  So, if you need to borrow, you’ll want to do your research. You’ll have to provide the lender with personal financial information and details about the home you intend to build. This would include a timeline, budget, floor plans, and other such materials.  Typically, a 20 percent down payment is required when applying for a construction loan.  At the end of the process, you may want to consider refinancing to obtain a traditional fixed-rate mortgage. 

Choose the site.

The next steps to building a house in Florida is to choose the perfect plot of land.  Relying on a real estate agent to help you locate available building lots is highly recommended.  Choose your agent wisely; opt for someone who knows the area well and can give informed advice.

Choose a builder.

Once you have a lot selected, and you have an understanding of the financing options, you’ll want to choose a builder.  There are many home builders, but not all are created equally.  Interview a few, carefully consider what each brings to the table, and also with whom you feel most comfortable.  It is also worth noting that many builders have lots available through their operation, so this might help you achieve two steps at once.

Select a design.

Your builder will likely offer a variety of home designs to choose from.  Some will even have show homes or model homes that you can walk through to get a real feel for the finished product.

Secure your loan.

At this point, you’ll need to turn in the rest of the documentation needed by the lending institution to secure the first installment.

File a permit.

Each county will have its own rules and regulations regarding the building of a new home.  Your home builders will be able to assist you in getting the appropriate permits, to ensure that your build is fully approved.  This process may include a need for various tests or documentation.

Prepare & Pour.

From this point forward, much of the work will be completed by your home builders.  A construction crew will come into level the land, the basement will be dug, forms and footings will be built in place, and the concrete will be poured.  At this point, digging will begin for a well, if applicable.


Let the excitement begin because at this point you will see the beginnings of your new home as walls are raised.

Rough-in electrical and HVAC.

The next step to building a house in Florida is to rough-in the plumbing and electrical, which means installing pipes, wires, sewer lines, vents, and water supply lines in preparation for the rest of these systems to be installed later.  Shower units and bathtubs may also be installed at this point.


This is a pretty obvious step.  The right insulation will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Install drywall & fixtures.

With the insulation in place, drywall can be cut, installed, taped, and mudded.  Lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, and other fixtures will be placed.  At the same time, a crew will likely be installing siding, brick, stucco, or other exterior finishes.

Lay flooring, install countertops, and trim.

Homebuilders will generally work with you to customize your space and individualization will be seen in this stage.  The flooring, countertops, trim, and plumbing fixtures that you selected will be fixed in place.

Complete exterior grading, pour driveways and install walkways.

Outside the home, finishing touches will be underway at this phase.  Driveways will be poured, final grading of the yard will be completed, walkways of brick or stone will be installed, and other general landscaping will be addressed.

Place final fixtures and mirrors.

Everything is nearly complete by this point.  You’ve been working very closely with your home builders for quite some time, and the final fixtures, such as shower doors, curtain rods, mirrors, and other such items will be put in place.  When you walk through the doors for a final walkthrough, the home will be move-in ready.

Take a look.

This last piece in the steps to building a house in Florida is called the final walkthrough.  Everything will have been completed, and you are ensuring that it all meets your expectations.  Enjoy the moment!  You’ve realized your dream!


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