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Energy efficient homes start with an energy efficient design. This design is best realized with major appliances that help save you money on your energy bill. Savings… month after month after month! The energy you save can quickly turn into hundreds of dollars (or more) over the course of a year. That’s enough to help you go on a nice vacation or buy yourself or your family something special at the holidays. Let’s look at how appliances can help you save energy:


Energy Star Certified Appliances

A great place to start is appliances that are Energy Star certified. These products meet environmental requirements in both how they’re built and how they consume energy. For instance, an air conditioning unit equipped with high efficiency compressors and fan motors will use substantially less electricity than an air conditioning unit without these parts. Not only this, but efficient heat transfer surfaces lessen the amount of work the appliances have to do.

In terms of how they’re built, many appliances use recycled products very well. Energy Star certified dishwashers, for instance, are often built mostly from recycled materials. This helps reduce waste and conserve resources — and these materials are just as strong as those using components from “virgin” or newly manufactured materials.

This means that Energy Star certified appliances can both reduce waste and reduce energy consumption – thus saving you money when you operate them. And There’s another way they save you money: you can often receive tax credits from the federal government when you purchase an approved appliance, and your utility company may also offer you a rebate.

This means energy efficient homes that use Energy Star certified products can save in three ways: by using less energy in their everyday operation, through rebates offered by energy companies, and through tax credits given by the federal government. They’re just a smart buy.


Energy Saving Appliances

We all know turning off certain appliances can help you save energy as well. Often, people forget to fully turn off room lights, cable boxes, TVs, coffee makers, fans, air conditioners, you name it. We have a lot on our minds and sometimes we overlook simple things like this.

Even though they’re not being used by people, leaving these appliances on when you’re not around can routinely draw energy. It’s called “vampire energy.” Scary!

Fortunately, you can slay these vampires. Take energy saving outlets, for example. These are inexpensive sockets that you plug into any wall outlet. They have timers which you can set. They can measure through electrical output whether an appliance has been used recently. If it hasn’t and its pre-set amount of time has passed, the outlet will turn off the appliance for you.

In practice, this means that a coffee maker you’ve left on but haven’t used won’t stay on the entire day. Instead, if you’ve set 15 minutes, it will turn off power to the coffee maker after 15 minutes.

In Synergy Model Homes, we often test out technologies like this. Room sensors can use infrared to detect if anyone is currently using the room. They’ll remember to turn your lights, saving you energy.

Solar panels can help you knock down your electric bills to a whopping $0. In fact, a few energy efficient homes out there with solar power actually sell electricity back to power companies. Imagine doing that!

Synergy Model Homes

We have a lot of experience designing floor plans and utilizing appliances that help save energy. A home that takes advantage of energy efficient engineering in its design and building phases can often operate the same number and type of appliances using only a quarter of the energy that older homes use.

People don’t realize how much wasted power consumption is reflected on their energy bills. Cutting down on this is crucial – both environmentally and for your checkbook. Imagine saving 50% or 75% of your energy costs every year. How much more money would you have? And — this is the fun part — what would you spend it on?

This is where environmentalism and cost efficiency intersect. When both these things come together, you don’t just save money. You also save the stress and hassle of paying more and spending more time maintaining your home. Cutting down on both can change your life.

Come check out Synergy Model Homes to see how we integrate efficiency and elegant design to craft your dream house.


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