Smart locks for your custom home are one of the best investments you can make. They won’t break the bank, but they can make your life much easier to manage. There are a number of reasons to make this choice, from security to simple quality of life improvements:

  1. Impossible to Lose

Smart locks for your custom home mean that you have to carry one less thing with you when you’re out. A key doesn’t take up that much room, but it is easy to lose. You won’t have the same problem with a code you’ve memorized. It’s a key that you can’t drop or misplace!

  1. Unique Codes

Smart locks also give you the ability to assign everyone a different code. This is a function that’s more useful for businesses than for homes, but you can have a separate lock code for family members vs. guests or contractors that enter the home. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting the key back from someone after they finish their job; you can just cancel the unique code you gave them.

You can even preset these codes to only work during certain times of day, which is useful if you use cleaning or dog-walking services. Or you can preset them to expire after a certain number of days. This is useful for rental owners or Airbnb hosts.

  1. Remote Access

You can also control smart locks by phone or tablet. This means if you expect relatives to show up while you’re at work, you don’t have to hide a key under a rock (the first place a burglar will look). Instead, you can remotely open the door when your relatives get there and call you. Or you can simply give them a code – information that a burglar can’t find under a rock in your garden.

  1. Maintain Old Locks

You don’t have to replace the entire lock when installing a smart lock in your custom home. Smart locks work with pre-existing keys. This way, you can use the code if you want or the key. If there’s a reason for some to use keys and others to have codes, this mix-and-match approach works just fine with many systems.

  1. Bluetooth and Assist Tech

Maybe you don’t even want to enter a code. Certain locks can open with a simple tap of the finger within a Bluetooth range you can set. This ease of use saves you from having to juggle groceries while entering a code.

Alternately you can even use a voice assistant so you can speak the code. Just be careful about someone overhearing you.

Smart locks are a smart idea. Talk to us about integrating this tech into your home.

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