Old thermostats are exceptionally limited. Smart home automation can take advantage of thermostats which allow you an incredible degree of control over many features. It’s important to understand the full range of these features, whether implementing a smart thermostat into your home or building a smart home from the ground up.

1. Saving Money

A smart thermostat can schedule when cooling or heating goes on by the hour, on different days, and in different zones of your home. This level of pre-planning and precision can save you significantly: up to a quarter of cooling and heating costs in some homes. This scheduling can even be done on phones or tablets.

2. Phone Control

Apps allow you to control the thermostat from home. Forget to turn cooling or heating down? You can manage it from your phone. If you’re on your way home, you can have the system get an area to a desire temperature before you even set foot in it.

3. Movement Sensitivity

Some smart thermostats utilize movement sensors. This can help it kick in the cooling or heating as it sense people moving about the home, activating different zones as people enter them.

4. Learning

Smart thermostats are actually “smart.” They can learn routines and schedules, adjusting themselves (if you wish) to predict your needs and accommodate them.

5. Better Controls

Smart thermostats involve specific controls and very visible readouts. These can help those who need a bit more explanation or who want bigger print via digital screens.

6. Analyze Energy Use

Not sure where a certain energy expense is coming from? You can track increases or abnormalities in your cooling and heating needs via app, identifying potential ways that you can save more.

7. Cross-Compatibility

Smart thermostats don’t just link to your phones and tablets. They can also link to other smart home automation: air purifiers, dehumidifiers, smart lighting. Many elements that shape the environment of your home can work off the same app platforms, allowing you easy and central control.

If you’re building a smart home, a smart thermostat enables you to create a home environment that’s at once more comforting and exciting.Download Energy Efficient Checklist

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