Why are homes in Port St. Lucie so valuable? If you have been searching for a home – or even simply watching the news in the last few months – you know that home prices have surged. This is true not only in so-called “highly desirable” areas but across the country. But this does not mean that value has also surged. 

This is a flow – and we all know that the real estate market ebbs and flows. It is important to remember that long-term value is a key consideration when purchasing a home. In other words, will this property remain valuable despite fluctuations? Am I making a solid investment? Am I buying into my future? 

The answers are ” Yes ” across the board when you look into energy-efficient homes in Port St. Lucie, the answers are “Yes” across the board. So why are homes in Port St. Lucie so valuable?

Homes In Port St. Lucie: By the Numbers

We’re going to throw some facts and figures at you. After all, purchasing a home is a major decision – to say the least! While the process is personal and emotional, logic plays a big role as well. Demand for new and existing homes in Port St. Lucie is high, and so is the estimated countywide taxable property value. This stands at approximately $25.3 billion, an increase of 8% over 2020. 

Property Appraiser Michelle Franklin says, “There are a lot of new homes being built throughout the county.” This is particularly true of Tradition, where property values climbed 11.25%. Franklin adds, “Port St. Lucie has more room to grow with all of the available vacant land.”

By the end of the year, city officials are expecting more than 3000 single-family homes will receive Certificates of Occupancy.

These numbers clearly demonstrate that homes in Port St. Lucie are valuable – but let’s dig into the “why”? Why is this city such a sought-after locale for homebuyers?

Come Home to Florida’s Treasure Coast

Port St. Lucie is located along Florida’s famed Treasure Coast, approximately halfway between Orlando and Miami. In contrast to these mega-cities, Port St. Lucie is relaxed and easy-going, with quiet, clean neighborhoods, beautiful waterways, and dazzling golf courses. 

US News examines 150 metro locations across the country to determine which are the “best places to live.” Criteria include quality of life, job market, the value of living in the area, and the overall desire of people to live there.

How does Port St. Lucie stack up against 149 other cities?

  • Best Places to Live: #47
  • Best Places to Retire: #3
  • Best Places to Live in Florida: #8
  • Fastest-Growing Places: #8
  • Safest Places to Live: #11
  • Most Expensive Places to Live: #18

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: the most expensive places to live. Port St. Lucie is right up there at #18. As mentioned, housing demand in this area, as well as prices, has increased markedly over the last several years – and even more dramatically in the last few months. 

Remember, though, that homes in Port St. Lucie are valuable. And energy-efficient homes in Port St. Lucie even more so. They are an investment in your future – one that offers tremendous returns.

Energy Efficient Homes in Port St. Lucie 

Newly built homes are much more energy-efficient than existing homes. Synergy Homes takes this to the next level. Not only are our high-performance models up to 75% more efficient than existing homes, but they are also up to 50% more efficient than comparable new builds. 

Bottom line: you’re saving each and every month. And each and every time you do a load in the dishwasher, throw in some laundry, turn on the lights…. You don’t even have to worry about running your air conditioner during long, hot, humid Florida summers!

An energy-efficient home in Port St. Lucie is not only easy on the wallet compared to the operating costs of an existing home; it makes a significant asset even more valuable. These homes are highly sought-after, and if you should decide to sell a few years down the road, your asking price can be higher.

Contact Synergy Homes

Synergy Homes is proud to build the most energy-efficient homes in Port St. Lucie. Schedule a walkthrough to learn more about our custom and model home options. This is your chance to see the craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail contained in every one of our homes. 

Our 4004 square foot Winston model, for instance, features an ample 2819 square feet of living space, 623 square foot garage, 246 square feet of porch space, and a spacious 222 square foot energy.

The Winston boasts four bedrooms, three baths, three and a half car garage, and, of course, that gorgeous porch! It is also available for customization so you can truly make this house your home.

Schedule your walkthrough today to see the quality, craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail that goes into each and every one of our energy-efficient homes in Port St. Lucie.

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