Statistics suggest that every day, almost a thousand new people move to the Sunshine State. When you think about sun drenched beaches and beautiful weather, though, you may also think about California. While these two states seemingly have a lot in common, the reality is that moving to Florida from California is easily the best possible choice. Wondering why? Check out the benefits Florida has to offer California Residents. 

Moving to Florida from California – A Lower Cost of Living

California can be a fairly expensive place to live, but Florida has a cost of living that is just one percent above the national average. 

More than that, though, there’s no state income tax here. There are still sales and property taxes, but on the whole, the overall state tax burden is far lower in this state than it is everywhere else, so you can keep more of your money in your pocket to experience the entertainment that is everywhere in this state. 

You’ll even get Florida resident discounts on places like Walt Disney World and many other Florida attractions. Even the housing here costs less. In Jacksonville, the median home price is just $279,000! Imagine what the cost of a California home might buy you throughout the state! 

Moving to Florida from California – Better Weather Overall

The majority of the year here is sunny and warm. In fact, the National Weather Service says that on average, the state experiences nearly 200 sunshine days every single year. You’ll find those mild and warm temperatures are the norm. 

If you live in the southern part of the state, you may find that you never even need a jacket! Sure, you do have to worry about some serious storms, but the warmth during the rest of the year is likely to help give you peace of mind. 

Moving from California to Florida – Warm, Beautiful Beaches

The beaches in California may be nice, but when you move to Florida, you’ll have access to some of the world’s most stunning beaches right out your back door. 

From the soft white sands of Clearwater to the stunning views on St. George Island, you can spend your days sunbathing, playing beach volleyball, fishing, or even kayaking. The water on both Florida coasts manages to stay at a reasonable temperature throughout the year, so there’s always room for a swim! 

Moving from California to Florida – Lots of Economic Diversity

Florida has one of the nation’s largest GDPs. In fact, it’s equal to the entire GDP of Mexico. With so many different industries here, you’re certain to find a spot where you fit in. From aviation to finance to hospitality, there are so many different job opportunities here, so you’ll have no problem finding the place where you fit. 

Florida Ranks Higher on the Quality of Life Index

World Population Review routinely ranks both entire countries and states within those countries based on a number of factors like economic opportunity, healthcare, and lifespan. Florida ranks #10 in the entire United States while California is ranked #24! 

There are a number of reasons for this disparity. Florida has a higher education ranking due to the number of great schools available here. They have a higher economy ranking, too! They even have a higher rating for low healthcare costs. Here, you won’t have to work quite so hard to achieve the easy, peaceful life you’re looking for. 

Head for The Other Coast!

Moving from California to Florida is clearly the right choice, and at Synergy Homes, we can help you connect with a beautiful new property. We’re proud to serve new Florida residents who are looking for a high performance, energy efficient home at a great value. Feel free to tour our model homes or sit down and talk to us about what you want in your custom designed beauty. We can’t wait to help you make the move.

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