Moving to a new state, let alone a new city, is not only stressful but also costly.  You have to think about finding a new job, selling your current home, getting the right movers, saying goodbye to old friends, and much more.  We have done some research and come up with a comprehensive checklist for how to move to Florida.

Checklist for Moving to Florida

Ask yourself what to know before moving to Florida in your planning stage. Research the following before you move:

1. What Employment Options Exist?

Research the available jobs in Florida if you will have to resign from your current job when moving. The most lucrative sectors in Florida include tourism, aerospace and aviation, life science, international trade, and agriculture. It will be easier to find a job in the metropolitan areas because that is where most of these industries are based.  Naturally, one of the biggest employers in Florida is Walt Disney World.  Many jobs are also available in the healthcare industry, the public school system, and Publix supermarkets.  It should also be noted that due to Florida’s sunny climate, the growing season for agriculture is longer than in most other states.

2. Research Cities

You should research cities online while you are looking for job opportunities in Florida. Every city in Florida has something special to offer in terms of attractions, jobs, housing, amenities, security, and more. If you find a city that you prefer, you will want to try to visit it before you move there permanently.  Many cities in Florida enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle, such as can be found in Miami; however, central Florida can offer a slower and quieter pace where the country living can be enjoyed.  If you’re looking for creative communities with a strong culture of arts, you might check out St. Petersburg.  If you want a vision of what “Old Florida” used to look like, you can check out the state’s northeast coast.  Florida’s panhandle section of the state and the western gulf shore offer some of the most glorious beaches that can be found.  The Florida Keys has a culture all its own.  Orlando, of course, is the home of Mickey Mouse and all kinds of interesting entertainment options around there and in Kissimmee.

3. Consider Visiting Florida

Visit Florida before you move there so that you can gauge whether it has the vibe you prefer. Make sure you visit the beaches, restaurants, and other popular attractions.  Try to talk to local residents in areas you like and ask them about the pros and cons of living in the area.

4. Contact Relocation Professionals

Talk to a relocation expert in the city you are moving to and ask them any questions about living in that part of Florida. Ask about the rent, real estate prices, cost of living, job opportunities, recreational facilities, security, and more. Relocation experts will give you more accurate information about a city than you would get from reading tour guides or only using online research.

What To Do After You Find A Place

Below is a list of things you need to do after you find a place to live in Florida:

  • Decide the items you will be bringing with you to Florida. Consider the fact that you may be moving to a completely different climate while packing.
  • Reach out to utility companies in Florida so that everything is in working order for your arrival.
  • If you have minor children, you will want to enroll in a local school district in Florida.
  • Register as a voter in Florida and get a Florida driver’s license.
  • Get contacts for a Florida physician and dentist so that you can continue with your regular health maintenance.

The Weather

While Florida is known as “The Sunshine State,” many different regions exist throughout the state.  The majority of Florida enjoys a sub-tropical climate, which means it is nice and warm most of the time.  Some northern communities, however, do experience some short, but cold, winter weather.  With tropical weather also comes rainstorms, and Florida does have those also, but they are of short duration.

Things To Do In Florida

If you are a fan of the outdoors, then Florida has a ton of fun stuff for you to do. For instance, the beautiful beaches offer facilities for kayaking, fishing, swimming, and paddleboarding.  Not only does the state have many wonderful beaches, but some springs that are crystal clear, lakes, jungle-type parks, and rivers.  For people interested in attractions, Florida has Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, as well as a plethora of other entertainment options, including the Magic Kingdom and Harry Potter’s World. There are also many clubs, restaurants, hotels, golf resorts, and other entertainment alternatives. So, when you are researching how to move to Florida, be sure to check out all the interesting things to do when you become a new resident in your new state.

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