Building your own home is likely something that you have been thinking about and planning for a long time. When you get to the point where you are ready to choose a floor plan, you probably have a list of wants and desires, likes, and dislikes when you sit down to view the various plans available to you.  There are homes of all shapes, sizes, and materials these days, which means selecting Florida floor plans might be a bit overwhelming.  This will be the first of many decisions that you will be required to make during the home building process, though, so consider the following and then feel confident that your selection will be a good fit for your future.

Narrowing Down: Bedrooms and Baths.

For most, the first step in narrowing the list of potential floor plans is to consider how many bathrooms and bedrooms are needed to suit the individual or the family.  Start here and carefully consider what is required to suit your lifestyle.  If you are a family of five, for instance, you’ll likely want at least four bedrooms, which would rule out the Kingston homes but may make the Hudson, which comes with up to four bedrooms and two baths, a great choice.  A couple nearing retirement, however, may just want a nice master bedroom and a smaller guest bedroom.  It is not just the number of bedrooms, but also the placement.  Some will want bedrooms to be close together, while others want complete privacy in the master bedroom.

Bathrooms are also important. How many bathrooms do you want?  Where would you like the bathrooms to be placed in the house?  Would you rather have a half-bath on the main floor or a second full bath to be used by guests?

Narrowing Down: Special Needs.

Consider the specific needs of yourself and your family when choosing the right Florida floor plan.  Do you need it to be wheelchair accessible? Would a single-story work better for you than a two-story home?  If so, you may want to consider a floor plan like the Biltmore homes that offer comfortable square footage on a single floor, for instance. Do members of the family work from home and require quiet office space? 

Narrowing Down: Hobbies.

Many different pastime activities that require specialized space.  Is an oversized garage a necessity given the number of drivers, the antique car passions, or the woodworking hobbies of those in the household? Will you need a space for a home gym?  Is additional storage necessary for crafting supplies or sporting equipment?  The Bradford home floor plans may be a great fit for the hobby chef, for instance, due to its larger kitchen design with ample counter space.

Narrowing Down: Windows and Doors.

For many people, the feel of the home ultimately is the most important overall component.  Natural lighting from large windows and ease of access to the outdoors, via conveniently placed doors, can add a major welcoming choice.  When considering potential floor plans, think about the placement of doors and windows. Most builders can also schedule walk-throughs of the home plans that you are most interested in.  Model homes provide you with an opportunity to get a real feel for the finished product.

Narrowing Down: Energy Efficiency.

Especially when it comes to Florida floor plans, it is important to consider the costs of keeping the house comfortable.  Certain designs are better equipped to keep those monthly bills low.  This is something that should be discussed with the builder. Kingston homes, for instance, are built to be extremely energy efficient, with small, convenient floor plans and superior building materials. Yet, the homes also boast vaulted ceilings, offering an airy feel.  

Narrowing Down: First Impressions.

Once you have narrowed the potential floor plans by the number of bedrooms and baths, special needs, window and door placement, and the general efficiency, it is time to consider what looks you like best.  Chances are good that there will still be several homes that meet your list of demands.  Therefore, the final decision will likely come down to general eye appeal.  Do you prefer to have a grand entrance? What do you think of the appearance of the front of the home?  Remember, you will be pulling up to that view each time you come home. Do you dream of having a covered porch or patio? Do you like open and airy floor plans or quaint and comfortable spaces? 

There is much to consider when choosing a floor plan, but because there are so many to choose from, you are sure to find one that perfectly suits your needs and desires.  A few of the available home designs have been mentioned above, but Synergy homes has a wide selection, so if you are ready to begin narrowing your list, be sure to check out the website for a full catalog of options.

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