The Advantage Of Synergy Homes

What makes our energy efficient homes different? They are built with savings and conservation in mind from the very beginning. Each step from the planning phase through the construction phase is handled with exacting care. Retrofitting an existing home can make it more efficient; but there’s nothing like starting from the ground up.

Synergy floorplans start with energy efficiency in mind. How envelope components fit together can influence energy lost by anticipating and avoiding crevices. This saves on climate control costs when cooling or heating. Envelope components include the foundation, the roof, outer walls, and elements like windows and doors. Anything that meets the outside is an envelope component, whether it’s meeting ground or air.

Building materials also contribute an incredible amount of ability to save on energy. The key is to make sure every area is covered and insulated properly. If 90% of the house is well insulated, but 10% isn’t, your energy bill will go up much more than 10% just making up for that vulnerable area of the home.

We have each of our energy efficient homes inspected by a certified Energy Rater. This inspection includes walls, roofs, attics, heating and cooling systems, thermostats, crawlspace – everything that can be rated for energy savings will.

Our ratings are very good, and we back them up by covering your energy bills up to two years. That’s how confident we are that Synergy floorplans are the most effective in the industry.

If reducing your energy costs, as well as your carbon footprint, is important to you, we have the solutions for which you are looking. Make the move to efficient housing, and be confident that everything that goes into your home from the ground up is carefully designed and integrated to maximize results — and comfort.

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