A connected home has many definitions. One goal underlines all of them: to make your life easier. In a world that throws more information, stresses, and tasks at you than ever before, custom home automation has the goal of easing the burden. A connected home can be tailored in many ways, and each of these ways can help make managing your home be less overwhelming.

Custom Home Automation

Connected homes can be managed remotely to make a number of stressful situations easier. Let’s go over a few:

Do you wonder if you forgot to lock the door? Access the lock remotely from your phone or tablet to check. Relatives came in early and are waiting at the front door? Unlock the door remotely.

An alarm at your home is tripped. Is someone breaking in or is it a false alarm? Access cameras from your phone or tablet to check where the alarm’s been triggered. If there is a burglar, you can give police the information you see on your phone.

You wonder if you’re wasting energy. A smart thermostat can provide detailed information that lets you see how you use your home and whether you’re cooling or heating it too much at times when no one’s home or everyone’s asleep. Heading home early? Adjust the thermostat remotely 15 minutes before you get there, so everything’s perfect when you do.

A Connected Home

That all speaks about remote access. What about when you’re there? You can call music up anywhere in the home or have the show you’re watching switch screens automatically when you exit one room and enter another.

You can even use smart lighting, which can change color temperature throughout the day. Our bodies respond not just to level of light but to the color temperature of that light. This is how our bodies take many cues to start readying for sleep. By having the lighting in your home reflect the lighting outside, people who have a hard time sleeping can get rest much more easily.


A range of studies estimate that a connected home using smart technology can conserve about a third of your energy costs every year. That’s a lot of money that you get back year after year for choosing technology that makes your life less stressful.

Custom home automation can all be handled from one app platform. You don’t need to juggle a dozen different apps for a dozen different technologies. They can all be streamlined for easy, top-down control using one program.

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