What is build-to-suit residential? It’s potential. It’s possibility. It’s your dream of homeownership fulfilled. All right, that may not be the technical definition, but when you choose reliable, experienced new home builders who specialize in build-to-suit homes, you can achieve your goals and move into a space that is truly yours. It’s home.

Build-to-Suit Residential Defined

Build-to-suit residential means that a home is designed and constructed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Custom home building is intimidating to many people – just think about the sheer volume of decisions to make! But build-to-suit makes it approachable. It’s all about mindset: we’re building a home that will suit you, your lifestyle, and your family/household members. And we’re doing it so it’ll suit you now – and into the future. While you still have decisions to make, it’s manageable because you’re building a vision that will work for you. 

Built-to-suit homes are unique to you – but they do follow a similar process:

  1. Budgeting 

This is the preliminary step in the home owning process, whether you’re going custom or with a preexisting structure. Take a look at the available land and lots and work on creating a realistic budget for your home. It is important to list your “must-haves” and “can’t-live-withouts” – as well as your “nice-to-haves” and “can live withouts.” While you don’t have to compromise in terms of quality, comfort, or convenience, it is essential to set accurate expectations.

Be sure to check out financing options, including FHA loans and first time home buyer incentives.

  1. Planning

Work with your new home builder to develop a plan that suits you, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It should also, of course, work for your budget. 

  1. Property Selection

You may have a lot on which you want to build, or you may be looking for a great community to call home. Either way, Synergy Homes has you covered. We build in South Florida’s most sought after locations and we are happy to build on your own lot. Be sure to include the property costs in your budget.

  1. Pre-Construction

Your dream is that much closer to fruition! Now, you’ll think about finalizing home plans, permits, inspections, and all that other fun stuff. Don’t worry: we’re right here with you. Our goal is to make the build-to-suit residential process as smooth and seamless as possible.

  1. Construction

Hammer meets nail. Now is the time your new home builder is producing visible, tangible results. You are welcome, and encouraged, to ask as many questions as possible and remain a part of the process via site visits (in person and virtual) and regular project updates.

You will also be making decisions in terms of exterior and interior colors, flooring and tile, finishes, fixtures, and other cool things to include when building a house, such as smart technology, indoor air quality systems, outdoor outlets, purpose-built rooms, and more.

When construction is complete, we complete walk-throughs and check all of the items off your project to-do list. You’re almost there. After closing, you get the keys… and the freedom to make your new house your home.

If a build-to-suit residential solution sounds right for you, contact Synergy Homes. As South Florida’s foremost new home builders, we’re well-versed in bringing dreams to life.

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