The building is getting greener. And we have to say, it’s about time! The mission to reduce carbon emissions, cut waste, improve air quality, and chip away at our dependence on fossil fuels drives innovative companies like Synergy Homes to continually improve, grow, and develop strategies and techniques that result not only in beautiful homes but in a cleaner environment for all of us. The benefits of energy-efficient homes are many, particularly when you have our team behind you!


Top 7 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Homes

Why choose energy- and cost-efficient home models? Well, we’ll tell you!


  1. An energy-efficient home costs less to operate.

    Ready for smaller monthly bills? We thought so. A well-built energy-efficient home simply costs less than an existing home or even a new one that is not built with efficiency in mind. Square foot for square foot, you’re going to reduce your operating expenses when it comes to electricity, heating, cooling, water usage, etc. In fact, new energy-smart homes are 40-60% more efficient than existing homes. Energy-efficient home models are also cost-efficient home models. What will you do with all that extra money? Save, reinvest, buy a killer sofa, memory foam mattress… Oh, the possibilities!

  2. Your home will be more comfortable.

    Energy-efficient home features include more than “green” building materials. They involve a specialized type of thinking in terms of design and build. For example, contractors will “right size” your HVAC system. This helps ensure your home stays at a comfy temperature of 75-78 degrees with a relative humidity level of between 45-55 degrees. This is considered “ideal” by the vast majority of the population.

  3. Power outages just got more manageable.

    Your energy-efficient home will stay more comfortable during power outages. In a study conducted by the Urban Green Council, the temperature of a typical single-family home in New York would drop to a chilly 35 degrees after three days of a winter blackout. In an energy-efficient home, it was a much more comfortable 60+ degrees. Imagine a blistering hot Florida summer. Which type of home would you want to be living in when the power goes out? With the increasing frequency and intensity of severe weather, this is certainly one of the biggest benefits of energy-efficient homes.

  4. Your resale value is boosted.

    Your energy-efficient home is built for ultimate performance, and this will be reflected if you decide it’s time to move on. Lower utility bills, quality building materials and systems, higher levels of comfort… all of these are huge selling points that’ll get you to your asking point (or beyond!).

  5. Quality you can live with… forever.

    High quality energy-efficient homes are built to suit your needs and wants while integrating the industry’s best, most scientifically advanced materials and building techniques. It’ll last, it’ll perform, it’ll be home for decades to come.

  6. You reduce environmental impact.

    While environmental problems are too complex for any one single solution, we can all make a real impact. Or rather, we can all reduce our impact! From climate change to water shortages, we all need to be aware of the factors that affect our communities and the world at large. The benefits of energy-efficient homes are both very personal and very global.

  7. There’s a link between energy efficiency and health.

    Fossil fuels, which power traditional homes (in large quantities) have a huge impact on the population’s health. We see issues with the respiratory, circulatory, and nervous systems that can erode the quality of life and impact long-term health. Taking steps like living in an energy-efficient home does make a difference that extends beyond you.


Convinced? Let’s get you home! Contact Synergy Homes to learn more about our energy- and cost-efficient model homes today.

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