Average Household Energy Usage

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that homes in the Southeast have the highest rates of energy usage & consumption in the U.S. They say “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Well, we got both here in Florida. The average home in our sunny state uses 1,078 kilowatt hours per month. We’re sure you’ve noticed that gets very expensive, but energy efficient homes make a big difference.

Energy Consuming Appliances

When it comes to energy usage, you’ll find the usual suspects: water heaters, clothes dryers, and dishwashers. Yet you may not realize how much energy smaller appliances in your home use. Smaller items that still have to produce heat use a lot of electricity: these include your hair dryer, clothes iron, or even coffee makers and toasters.

Scientific Advances to Energy Efficient Homes

Changing your habits and using energy efficient products can help you save some money, but one of the most best ways to save is to start at the very beginning — when you build or renovate a home in the first place. In the last few years, scientific approaches to layout and building techniques can produce energy efficient homes. Unlike many previous re-modeling philosophies, these can accomplish a desired look, livability, and energy efficiency.

Synergy Floor Plans

You can improve energy costs by creating unique and efficient floor plans geared practical, livable, energy use. Homes can now employ a great number of scientific lessons in how they’re built and laid out. Synergy floor plans, for example, can save as much as 75% in energy costs over existing homes — even relatively new ones. Our building science engineer goes over every floor plan to maximize energy efficiency. This still allows a wide breadth of floor plans, including custom ones.

How much energy does the average home use? Too much! If you want to cut your consumption, and your expenses, look at our gorgeous model energy efficient homes.

Looking for more information on going green? Here are 10 ways to increase energy efficiency at home.

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