Energy Saving Products

Saving energy is our passion. We want to be environmentally friendly and reduce, or ideally, eliminate, unnecessary power consumption. And, let’s face it, we don’t like high electricity bills. Who does! Energy efficient homes are a great step toward accomplishing both goals. There are some smaller steps you can take to become more efficient every day.


Solar Lanterns

An alternative to plug-in or battery-powered lanterns, solar lanterns recharge during the day by soaking up sunlight. This energy is converted for up to 12 hours of lighting. They won’t light up an entire room, but they’re more than enough to find your way around in the dark.


Parabolic Solar Cooker

Now we’re cooking with gas! Actually, with a product like this, you literally cook with the sun. A solar cooker converts light it captures into heat that it cooks with. It does this at 80% efficiency – that’s about 5 times more efficient than solar panels. This conversion is enough to heat panels that act just like a stove top. You can cook in pots, pans, griddles, or anything else you’d normally use on your stove. It draws no electricity, so all you use is the energy from sunlight.


Energy Saving Outlets

These are sockets that can be plugged into your wall outlets. If a device is left plugged in, but isn’t in use, these outlets can turn off power to it after a pre-set amount of time. This is good for devices that we might leave on without thinking: coffee makers, cable boxes, TVs. We all have habits like this with some sort of device. This can help, and these outlets are very inexpensive.


Room Occupancy Sensors

Sensors turn the lights on when you’re in a room and turn them off for you when you’re not. If you often forget to turn lights and fans off when you leave, this infrared sensor unit can do it for you.

Synergy Properties utilize a range of approaches to help you save on energy costs. Built with modern scientific techniques and energy-saving layouts, our energy efficient homes offer a comfortable way to save energy costs and do our part for the planet.


Although we value an energy efficient home lifestyle, we still don’t mind pitching in. We pay energy bills, learn more about that promise.

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