Florida’s Treasure Coast is one of the best places to live. And that’s not just our opinion, that’s based on weather, jobs, education, and other so-called “vital” statistics. Martin, St. Lucie, and Indian River Counties comprise the Treasure Coast. Popular towns include Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach, Stuart, and Vero Beach. Each Treasure Coast locale has a ton to offer its residents – which is why so many people are thrilled to call Florida’s Treasure Coast home.

Treasure Coast, FL Real Estate Listings

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Treasure Coast, Florida Homes For Sale

Florida’s Treasure Coast has been named a top retirement destination but also has so much to offer people of any age, including great schools and major employers. If you have been doing your homework on Treasure Coast, Florida homes for sale, chances are you have heard about the area’s beauty and perks.

The Treasure Coast is a bit like the best of everything. It has its own international airport and a thriving tourism economy, and yet, it has a wealth of beautifully pristine and almost untouched beaches and parks. There are observatories, institutes, and museums dedicated to educating people about the amazing marine life of the area. Can you imagine the possibilities for school field trips here? Who wouldn’t love to visit a sea turtle nesting area?

Why Shop Homes For Sale in Treasure Coast, FL

Homes for sale in Treasure Coast, FL are appealing to many folks who want the beautiful year-round weather that Florida has to offer, but not the more extreme ups and downs of storms. South Florida’s climate is a subtropical zone, thus, its climate is milder. If you’ve lived in other parts of the country, chances are you are looking to move away from extreme weather. Hot and humid in the summer, freezing cold with snow and ice in the winter… If such dramatic seasonal changes have you feeling the itch to move to Florida, you’ll be pleased to hear that the average seasonal difference in temperature on the Treasure Coast is a wonderful 17 degrees.

Yep, that’s all. With temperatures that don’t go under 55 and are never over 89 who could complain about the weather? The best part? Even on rainy days, you will see a bit of sunshine. So many people are affected by the lack of sunshine in their states, and when the sun hardly comes out for weeks on end in many areas of the country, it’s not hard to see why the Treasure Coast is a great place to live.

With some of the best soil for growing citrus as well as the fact that this region is a popular tourist destination (it’s easy to see why), there are jobs aplenty for Treasure Coast residents of working age. In fact, commercial development in St. Lucie County is putting Florida’s Treasure Coast on the map as a major hub. U.S. News recently ranked Port St. Lucie among the top 10 best places to live in Florida for families.

St. Lucie County Living

Here are some basic statistics about the resident population in St. Lucie County:

  • St. Lucie County has an area population of about 272,000.
  • The average income for a St. Lucie County household is about 33,800.
  • The median age of St. Lucie County residents is 47.

St. Lucie County and the Treasure Coast are growing in population size because more and more people are realizing what an amazing place it is to call home. Now is a great time to be looking into Treasure Coast, Florida homes for sale!

True Treasures

Treasure Coast, Florida homes for sale are true treasures in their own rights. Given the opportunity, wouldn’t you want to live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth – especially if it’s affordable and convenient to buy a home there?

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