When making the decision to move to Florida, you will want to research the state and find out what area you are most interested in living in. Is it Palm Bay, with its family-friendly community and commuter-friendly locale? Are you looking to live among a community of lively seniors in Port St. Lucie to enjoy your retirement to its fullest? Is it West Palm Beach’s bigger city vibe and yacht culture that beckons you? Or, maybe you just want to live somewhere beautiful and warm?! Whatever it is that’s calling you to Florida, you are sure to find an area that has exactly what you are looking for. And, don’t worry, just about anywhere you move you won’t be far from a beach. Now that you’ve decided on a location, you will want to do some research on Florida homes for sale.

Houses For Sale in Florida

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Affordable Florida Homes For Sale

If living here sounds like a distant dream to you, you’ll be thrilled to learn that it is actually quite affordable! The two biggest factors in the Sunshine State’s affordability are the absence of any income tax and the availability of affordable houses for sale in Florida. In fact, housing is more affordable than almost anywhere else in the country.

Houses for sale in Florida are available year-round, but you have a better chance at finding a great deal if you do your searching in the offseason. Finding the right real estate agent to work with is crucial because he/she can clue you in on the many opportunities for jumping on the house of your dreams when it’s at its lowest cost.

Why Shop Florida Homes For Sale

Florida is the fourth most populous state in the country and is a major destination for vacationers year-round. If you’ve ever traveled to the Sunshine State, chances are you left with a firm resolve to someday move there. Florida hosts a whopping 65.5 million tourists annually. People flock in from all over the country and around the world for a chance to spend time admiring and exploring the vast coastline and amazing landscape.

There is also a ton of stuff to do in Florida. And it’s not all for vacationers. Locals keep active and busy with myriad events; there is truly something for everyone. From Palm Bay to West Palm Beach, cities and towns have much to offer in terms of cultural happenings, colleges and universities, food and entertainment, outdoor sports, and of course, there is a thriving economy for young professionals and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Florida Resident Perks

After you have moved into your new Florida home, you can begin the process of establishing yourself as an official resident of the Sunshine State. Here are some of the most important things you can do to get yourself set up:

  1. Get your new Florida driver’s license or state ID. If you have a U.S. driver’s license from another state, you will not need to complete a driving test to get your FL license.
  2. Register to vote. Head to registertovoteflorida.gov and get on your way to becoming a voting Floridian.
  3. Update your address with all of your personal contacts, business contacts, and any institutions or companies that you need to keep in touch with by mail.
  4. Register your vehicles in Florida. You can do this online at www.flhsmv.gov.
  5. Explore the area, get the lay of the land, and take full advantage of the Florida sunshine.

Florida is full of wonderful people and amazing opportunities for adventure. Once you’re settled into your new house, why not get out and enjoy yourself? After all, you will want to meet the neighbors and make some new friends so you can host an outdoor gathering at your new home.

First Things First

If you’re looking for houses for sale in Florida, start your search with Synergy Homes. Get in touch with our team today to discuss buying one of our beautiful, energy-efficient homes for sale in the Sunshine State.