Many people visit Florida on a short vacation and immediately consider moving. It’s not hard to see why, either. The Sunshine State is often rated as one of the best places to work and retire in the nation. Every single day at least a thousand people move into the state to start a new life. But is Florida really a great place to live? What is it like to live in Florida day after day? 


A Few Things to Know About Living in Florida

Like all states, living in Florida means some great times and some frustrating times. If you are considering a move to the Sunshine State, here are a few things you ought to know.


It Is Hot and Humid:

Rest assured, Florida is hot and humid for at least 8 months of the year. Starting from late March to the end of September, the temperatures are quite high, and if you do not like the heat/humidity, Florida may not be the place for you. However, most people get used to the heat, and almost everyone has central air conditioning in their homes. The warm days aren’t necessarily a downside, though. After all, you can get outside almost every day of the year, and you’ll never ever have to shovel snow, walk on icy paths, wear 4 layers of clothes just to stay warm, and remain indoors for 3-5 months of the year.

Expect Thunderstorms:

One of the hallmarks of Florida summers is the sudden rain showers, which are often associated with thunder and lightning. These rainy showers start suddenly and usually last less than 30 minutes, but they are very frequent during the summer months. And afterward, the humidity is also more intense. There is no magical way around these storms; you can carry an umbrella, but the ferocious winds will probably blow it away in many cases.

Beaches Abound:

No matter where you reside in Florida, you will never be more than 2 hours drive from a gorgeous beach. If you love pristine blue waters and soft sandy beaches, you will love Florida. Some well-known beaches include Miami South, Panama City, Key West, Amelia island, Clearwater, Cocoa Beach, Fort Myers Beach, and many more. All these beaches offer a wide range of water-based activities, including scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, jet-skiing, etc. However, the downside is that the beaches are packed during the weekends, and there’s typically a fee for parking. Plus, during the summer months, the beaches are packed with tourists, so finding an empty spot can be difficult.

It’s an Outdoor Paradise:

One of the main reasons why people love to live in Florida is because of the number of outdoor activities. Every week you can be doing something different outdoors like hiking, kayaking on the rivers and lakes, visiting the jungle-like parks, cycling, going to the beach, visiting the arts and entertainment centers, fishing, golfing, going to the Everglades, and much more. While there is something for everyone, these outdoor thrills wane pretty fast when you realize how many more people are doing the same thing- what this means that there are long lines for almost every outdoor activity in Florida. 

There are Big Mosquitoes:

One thing many people don’t mention about Florida is that there are mosquitoes, especially during the summer. The problem is worse after the rains, and these mosquitoes do bite. Fortunately, you can do lots of helpful things to deal with the mosquitoes in your yard.

North and South Florida Are Two Different Places:

There are some differences depending on whether you live in the North or South. The South is more lively, and it’s fairly crowded. It also has the best beaches. The North has fewer people, but their beaches aren’t quite as magical. The biggest difference, though, is the climate which is a lot cooler in the North compared to the South, and the North is known to experience snow in the winter. But if you do not mind cool weather and fewer tourists, the North is an excellent place to live.

Lots of Jobs:

Most people seem to think that Florida is only for retirees. The fact is that Florida has ample jobs in almost every industry. This is the prime reason why the Sunshine State has been attracting millennials. The tech industry is now well established in many Florida cities, and if you have the right education, you won’t have to look long for a job. Remember, Florida has a huge tourism industry that employs over a million people- so your teenage kids will most likely have summer jobs at one of the themed parks, Disney, or the waterparks.

Low Cost of Living:

Outside of the major cities, the cost of living in Florida is very low. Rents are much lower than other similar-sized towns and cities in many other states. Average prices of homes range from $200K to $250K, but of course, there are also million-dollar homes. Plus, Florida produces a vast amount of agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables, so the cost of food is far cheaper than most places in the north. 

You’ll Need a Car:

Like many places in the USA, public transportation throughout the state isn’t as strong as it could be. If you live here, you’ll need a car to get from place to place, but that just means you can enjoy more of this great state. 

Extensive Diversity:

Florida is a melting pot for a variety of cultures. If you live here, you will meet people from every corner of the globe and hear countless different languages every day. In addition, the diversity also extends to food, arts, sports, and the fashion industry. 

No State Income Tax:

Many people move to Florida for this one reason. This means your salary will go a lot further than if you lived elsewhere in the nation. And with all the money you save, this will give you a chance to spend the money on the different adventures that Florida has to offer.


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