Home construction quality is the biggest concern during any project. This is your dream home, your vision… and you want to make sure that it is fully realized, safe, efficient, and beautiful. How do you tell if your builder is living up to their promises? 

Signs of Quality Home Construction

  1. Quality from the Ground Up: Start with the Foundation 

Nothing else matters if you do not have a stable, secure foundation. A poorly built foundation can be an exorbitant cost as you own your home – and worse, it can pose serious safety issues. Look for cracks, crumbling, or flaking, visible moisture on the foundation, excessive moisture in the basement, deteriorating walls in the home, and other signs of damage.

  1. Comfort and Efficiency Are Built In 

Take a look at the windows and doors: are they fully trimmed with MDF? Do the doors have a solid core? Are the windows double- or triple-glazed? These are relatively “small” touches in the overall scheme of your home, but they significantly contribute to comfort, energy conservation, and savings each month on your cooling and heating costs.

  1. Quality Materials Are Utilized 

Kick the tires! So to speak… don’t kick the house, but feel free to knock on the walls. Tap your knuckles on the walls: do they make a hollow sound? Use a key and press it against the wall. If you can make a hole easily, it’s a sign your builder used low-quality materials. You can also check for paint and plaster quality: are there cracks? This may signal foundation problems too. There are many areas to check when it comes to home construction quality: be thorough – and picky! 

  1. The Devil Is In the Details

Conscientious builders know that details matter. They take steps to ensure a safe product that meets your specifications. This includes everything from testing the soil and ensuring paints and stains are free of runs and drips to solidly attaching gutters and downspouts so they discharge water away from the foundation. This meticulous care continues indoors with clean trims and caulking, quality plumbing fixtures, and quality interior doors.

  1. Builders Stand Behind Their Work

A big sign that your builder values  home construction quality is that they offer some sort of craftsmanship warranty as well as other guarantees. Synergy Homes, for example, is so confident that our high performance gold and platinum homes are efficient that we will pay your energy bills for one year. 

  1. Quality from the Top Down

Having a safe roof over your head is what home is all about: it needs to have proper underlayment, a uniform surface, proper hardware, and drip edges.

  1. Construction Passes Independent Scrutiny

Trustworthy home builders do not mind if you hire an independent inspector to check their work. Why would they? There are so many factors to keep in mind, and for lay people, it can feel like a different language. Having an expert examine construction is never a bad idea (and you won’t have to climb up onto the roof!). 

Home construction quality is our biggest priority. We treat each home we build as if it is our own, and we take great pride in delivering exceptional results. If you’re ready to build your home, contact the Synergy Homes team.

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