It’s a mistake to think that open floor plans lose energy. Using fewer barriers can actually result in much less energy consumption. Energy efficient modern house plans often rely on opening areas into each other in a more accessible way. This helps homeowners meet green building requirements and save hundreds a year on energy costs.

Air Circulation

A major component in open floor plans is the flow of air. Too many interior walls can interfere with the environment of a home. Some rooms grow warmer, and some grow colder. To get everything to a comfortable temperature, you’re usually asking the air conditioning to work harder in hotter months, and kicking the thermostat up higher during cooler ones.

Rooms that are most closed off to air flow will always lag behind the desired temperature, meaning you need to take special considerations to make them comfortable.

Natural Light

Energy efficient modern house plans use natural light to help illuminate the interior. This has many advantages. Primary among them is using less artificial light. This saves on lighting costs. All light reflects off surfaces, so natural light shining into a room will reflect and help light up the next one. The more walls, the less natural light enters other areas of the home.

Beyond this, natural light is great for your mood and ability to sleep. It’s proven to help relieve stress, and it reinforces natural rhythms that assist your internal clock.

Square Footage Savings

You can fit more into open floor plans. These plans feel more open. They still provide plenty of privacy for bedrooms, dens, and other rooms. At the same time, they open up communal spaces like the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Less space is wasted on interior walls. The house feels bigger and you’re often able to use the space more efficiently. Sight lines go farther, helping that open feel.

This saves on the literal footprint of your home. It also helps save on materials used. That’s both energy efficient and cost efficient.

The central takeaway is that energy efficient modern house plans work better when open. They allow for more even temperature control, greater use of light, and space and materials savings. All of these elements combine to save you drastically on energy costs, as well as the impact you make on the planet.

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