Home Design Trends For 2018

What are the most exciting home design trends for 2018? The key to spotting a good trend isn’t just identifying something that will become fleetingly popular. It’s also about finding those trends that won’t age quickly. There are people still suffering through shag carpets, sponge walls, and nautical designed everything.¬†Florida home designs should feature the new designs that won’t just wow today, but will also impress in a decade from now:


  1. Deeper, darker colors are becoming more popular for kitchens. Mixes of blues, whites, and tile make a kitchen feel spacious and inviting. Blue works better than most darker colors because it sets off well against any natural wood cabinetry or shelving you have.


  1. People are bringing more green into Florida home designs as well. Now, we’ll say this once so please listen: avoid avocado green. It was popular for a year and then just fell off a cliff. It’s too muddy a color and evokes too many negative connotations. Brighter greens are good for accenting a space that gets a lot of natural light, such as a study or sitting room.


  1. Freestanding tubs are making a comeback in bathrooms. We’d avoid going for the antique, claw foot designs, though. Instead, opt for sleeker designs in neutral colors or white. You don’t want the tub to be the focal point of the bathroom. You want it to be a complementary piece.


  1. One of the best trends for new Florida homes isn’t as visible, but designing with energy costs in mind is helping to shape floor plans and building materials. It’s also helping homeowners to save a great deal on energy costs.


  1. We still like copper for fixtures, but their popularity has recently seen a number of imitation looks that just don’t capture the same luster. If you’re going to go with copper, choose real copper. It’s better to make an alternative choice than to go with an imitation.


What trends spark your interest? Let us know and schedule a walk through with Synergy Homes today!

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