Florida Incentives For Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient homes can often help you save money through rebates, and there are a number of such programs open to Florida residents. While there’s no public-purpose funded programs, different incentives are offered by power companies. These energy saving rebates are often available to both energy efficient homes and businesses.


Tax Credits

You can earn tax credits for energy efficient upgrades you make to your home. These include purchasing Energy Star certified products that meet environmental standards set by the federal government. The credit requirements change a little bit every year, and you have to claim them in the same year you purchased them. Otherwise, you miss out on the credit.


Energy Bill Savings

One of the greatest incentives for energy efficient homes is the savings on your electricity bill. We spend a lot of money on cooling during the summer months and de-humidifying throughout the year. Energy efficiency isn’t just environmental, it also helps your checkbook. When you improve efficiency, you cut down on costs that you’re spending every week, every month, every year. These savings build up and can one day end up saving you more than the cost of the product you spent the money on.


Building Savings into the Home

Synergy floor plans focus on energy efficiency, helping you both save money off your electricity bill and earn rebates in the building process. This is a valuable way to help save on the costs of a new home. For our homes that are already built, the savings are built into them. Buying or building a home with Synergy floor plans that costs less to maintain and run can save you major headaches in your life.


Going green can save you big green. Ask Synergy Homes for more information.


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