You’ve been through the dreaming and vision stages. You’ve been through the financing stage. You’ve been through the builder research, vetting, and selection stages. You’ve chosen a lot or worked with your builder to construct in one of their communities. In this article, we focus on the new home construction process timeline.

You have done a lot to ensure that the home you’ve always wanted is within your reach. But it can seem frustrating that you’re doing all this legwork and not seeing anything happen on a physical level. Rest assured, the steps we mentioned above are critical… but there is something about breaking ground that really resonates: Now it’s happening. You’re so close to home.

Let’s dive into the new home construction process timeline, particularly once the foundation is dug. How long until you can start moving in – and making your house truly a home?

Timeline for Move In for New Construction Home

According to statistics from the US Census Bureau, there were some key differences in the new home construction process timeline based on the method of building. For example, homes that were built for sale (e.g. model homes) came in with the shortest timeline from obtaining permits to completion. Homes that were built by hired contractors took a little longer, while homes built by owners took longer yet to finish.

For most single-family homes, from the point at which permits are obtained, construction usually starts within about a month. Again, it can take a bit longer for owner/builders and owner/contractor. However, keep in mind, though, that supply chain issues may impact this somewhat.

In order to pour the foundation, the site needs to be cleared and prepared – after, of course, your permits have been approved and are in hand. Your site may be ready to go, especially if you choose a location in which your builder specializes or in a community that they have developed. If not, you’ll need to think about utilities, driveway placement, power lines, tree/shrub removal, leveling, soil compaction, etc. 

Watching Concrete Cure

Assuming you’re good to go in terms of site preparation, your builder will start with the concrete footers. These serve to support the foundation and keep it from settling. This step’s timeline depends on whether you’ll have a full basement or just a slab. (Note: most new homes in Florida do not have basements due to the very damp soil. This is good news for you as it accelerates your timeline a little bit.)

Once the footings are secured, the builder is ready to pour the concrete for your foundation. Once the foundation is dug and poured, you are getting there. This is where the experience and skills of your builder come into play. They have honed the art and science and developed a new home construction process timeline that mitigates delays whenever and wherever possible.

How Experienced Builders Streamline the New Home Construction Process Timeline

How does working with the right builder make the process more streamlined, and ideally more accelerated?

  • They have floorplans ready and waiting for you. As mentioned, the homes that took the least amount of time from permit to move-in were built for sale. If you work with a builder who has an extensive library of floor plans/homes from which to choose, you can hit the ground running.
  • They’ve done it. They’ve built it. Even if you choose a custom build, an experienced builder has the ability to move the process along in a smooth manner because they’ve been there, they’ve done that. They employ tried and true methods
  • They have strong relationships with the people who bring your home to life. You don’t have to figure out each and every step yourself. A reputable builder has connections and relationships with all of the tradespeople and artisans necessary to bring your dream home to life – from plumbers and electricians to inspectors and lenders.
  • They can facilitate easier financing. Speaking of lenders, if you opt to go through a builder like Synergy Homes, they work with industry-leading financial partners to enable their clients to obtain the necessary funding to purchase their dream homes. Better still, they often offer incentives (e.g. closing costs covered, incentives, discounts) to give you a little extra reassurance as you take this major step in life. 

Are you ready to make your dream a reality? The timeline for move in for new construction homes can be streamlined when you work with Synergy Homes. You don’t want to rush and sacrifice quality, comfort, and convenience – but nor do you want to deal with unnecessary delays. Get everything you want and that you deserve. 

Our team is ready and able to help you build the house you’ve always wanted – and move in as soon as possible. Contact Synergy Homes today.

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