When it comes to first-time home buying in Florida, there are so many perks. Whether you are attracted to waterfront property, golf communities, or the culture and nightlife of Miami, the Sunshine State is a great place to invest in a home. You may have heard that there are specifics to keep in mind in terms of homebuyer tips for Florida, and you are absolutely correct. The ins and outs of how to get a house in Florida are essential to know before you plan your big move.

There are a few key things you need to know about how to get a house in Florida and this quick guide will set you up for success no matter the type of property you are looking for or the exact location you are in love with. 

Sure, homebuyer tips vary from state to state, but there are some constants, so if you are familiar with the process of buying a home, you just want to keep in mind some of the specifics when it comes to homebuyer tips for Florida. 

Check out these helpful home buyer tips… Florida here you come!

How to Get a House in Florida

The first thing you will want to decide is who to have on your team of experts. We recommend working with a qualified and experienced real estate agent, a reputable lender, and an experienced builder if you choose a custom or semi-custom home. Beyond that many people chose to utilize services from a mortgage broker, an accountant, and a real estate lawyer. 

Do I need a buyer’s real estate agent?

The first area you will need to consider when it comes to how to get a house in Florida is who will need to work with. Some people chose to go it alone without a buyer’s real estate agent, but that is not advisable, especially for a first-time home buyer in the current economy. You will want to spend some time reading reviews and gathering recommendations for a good real estate agent. A good agent will know the areas you are looking in and will have a good deal of experience in working with first-time home buyers. 

How do I decide on a mortgage type? 

The good news for first-time homebuyers in Florida is that there are many different types of loans and grants available as well as different options for mortgages. You may choose to work with a mortgage broker to determine what type of mortgage is best for you since this is not a decision to be taken lightly! In some cases, you will work directly with your lender to establish the best mortgage options for your purchase.

What does a lender do? 

Work with a local credit union or other types of lenders to find out about first-time home buyer programs in Florida. Florida has state-specific loan options, as well as the same national loan options you would find elsewhere. Lenders are there to provide your loan for a downpayment and will be an important part of the process. They also underwrite the loan programs that make up your mortgage in many cases. 

You will need to be pre-approved by your lender. This is a step you can take any time before you start looking at specific properties. Once you have made an offer on a house you will need to go back to your lender to ensure they approve of the loan based on your offer and the value of the house. They will send a professional appraiser of their own choosing to evaluate the value of the home. 

Do I need an accountant? 

Many first-time homebuyers in Florida work with an accountant to ensure they are making a sound financial investment. Buying a home that you can not ultimately afford is a dangerous decision and could prove devastating down the road. Lenders will want to secure their investment by pre-approving you, but an account can work more closely with you on your personal financial well-being and goals.

What about a real estate attorney?

Though it is not mandatory at all, working with a real estate attorney is never a bad idea. Real estate attorneys are experts in the field and will review all the paperwork to ensure that everything is being done properly and according to the law. They will also be there to protect you if you experience any issues with the seller or the terms of the sale.

When do I need to hire a home inspector?

A home inspector will come into the equation after you have made an offer on a house and the offer has been accepted by the seller. You should do your homework when it comes to hiring a home inspector. Your real estate agent, attorney, or even lender will be able to provide you with a list of reputable home inspectors.

Be sure to check references before committing to a home inspector. Home inspections are important because they will alert you to any major issues with the home before you actually finalize the purchase. Sellers may have to make repairs or there may be a withdrawal of your offer, or in some cases negotiating is necessary.

What can I expect during closing?

If everything has gone smoothly with the home inspection and loan approval your closing should be a breeze. Other than signing more paperwork than you have ever signed in your life the closing should be relatively easy!

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