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What Are Resilient Homes?

Resilient design for homes helps them survive disaster unscathed. Home building science and advancements in materials allow for homes to be built with a better chance to withstand natural and man-made disasters. This is exceptionally important in Florida, where every year sees tropical storms and, typically, an aggressive hurricane. Resilient Design The idea behind resilient design is that it should be able to better withstand the various impacts of disaster. This includes flooding, fires, high [...]

Understanding Your Home’s Air Barrier System

What is an air barrier and how does it protect your home? Homes are very susceptible to building up humidity and condensation in closed areas. Imagine the inside of your walls. Without what's called a vapor retarder, humidity might build up in the heat and condensation might build up in colder weather. What Would Happen Without an Air Barrier? Many building materials are more permeable than you think. This means that air can pass through [...]

How to Choose Among Home Models to Build

Looking for home models to build - to turn into your dream space? It’s hard to get a sense of this from drawings and renderings alone. Here are a few tips to help you choose wisely from home builders' models: Look at the floor plans before touring. This gives you an idea of what questions to ask and which details to inspect. Have an idea of how you'd utilize the spaces in a home when [...]

How to Build a Custom Home on a Budget

Florida house plans can be customized in countless beautiful ways. Maybe you find a view you have to feature. Perhaps you get a lot close to the beach, which influences the design of your entryways. There are so many different ways that builders in Palm Beach County can realize a dream home. You just need to make sure you take things step by step to make that custom home a reality: Know your budget for [...]

How Much Energy Does an Average Home Use?

How much energy do you use? How does that compare to the average rate? A lot of the energy a home consumes ends up wasted. Many Florida homes are expensive to keep cool, so how do you know which will be kinder both to your wallet and the planet? What uses of energy at home can you cut back on reasonably? The Average Electricity Bill The average electricity bill for a home per year is [...]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a House

Building a house can seem like an overwhelming task. There are countless steps. Mismanage one, and it can delay all the rest. Like any such process, take it all in at once and it can be too stressful. But the more you break it down, a new house build turns into a series of achievable steps. When you take those steps one at a time - and avoid these mistakes - you’ll be in good [...]

Why Small Model Homes Are Better Than Tiny Homes

There's a lot of discussion today about tiny homes. They're certainly trendy, and they do have some advantages. Small model homes offer many of the same strengths. They can allow room for growth while still being inexpensive to maintain and leaving a small environmental footprint. There are many ways in which small model homes are better than tiny ones, and it doesn't just come down to having more space. Homes are meant to last for [...]

Save Money on Your Move These 12 Ways

You've done everything right. You focused on buying an affordable home. You did your homework: durable materials, energy efficiency, room for growth. You've ensured your affordable home will be easy to own. There's just one, costly thing you forgot: the move! How can you save money on this big step? 12 Tips for the Cheapest Way to Move Check online reviews. If you opt to use a moving company, see if others who've moved have [...]

How to Choose a Floor Plan for Your Custom Home

How do you choose from the wide variety of Florida floor plans that are available? It can be overwhelming if you’re just starting out. Luckily, you’re in the right place! Today, floor plans for houses come in many shapes and sizes. When you're choosing one for a custom home, you'll need to order and prioritize your decisions. If you make smaller decisions first, this can change larger ones and start you over at square one. [...]

How Much Energy Does Your Home Consume?

How much energy does your home use? Your electric bill will give you some idea, but how do you know if your energy consumption rate is good or bad? A home energy assessment can help you identify easy ways to save money. In fact, an energy evaluation can even get your home registered in the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program. This increases the home's value and its attractiveness on the market. What Is an Energy [...]

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