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How to Build Affordably in Florida

When your goal is to build affordably in Florida, it's crucial not to just focus on saving money in the construction of your home: balance low-cost house designs and floor plans with materials that will last. Ideally, you’ll have a home that is affordable to build - and just as budget-friendly to live in for years to come. First step: find a builder that specializes in cost-efficient homes. Building Smaller vs. Building Smarter When people [...]

5 LEED Categories Where Insulation Matters

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. These standards help identify sustainable buildings, which makes building green homes easier. There are a variety of LEED categories where insulation makes a big difference. Insulation’s job is to keep cool air inside and warm air out and vice versa during those few weeks you'll be using the heat in Florida. It’s critical in these areas: Minimum Energy Performance: This refers to the minimum level of [...]

7 Tips for Millennials Who Want to Buy Affordable Homes

More millennials want to buy affordable homes in Florida. Who doesn’t?! It's the Sunshine State. With advances in building materials and techniques, now is the time. But you’re understandably cautious: how do you know you’re making a smart decision? 7 tips to help: 1. Buy Early Start saving as soon as you can. Owning a home can open up other opportunities, and the money you put in builds your equity - not your landlord’s. 2. Don't [...]

15 Features Found in Energy-Efficient Home Designs

Energy-efficient home designs cut the cost of living in your home, reduce your impact on the environment, and increase your home's ability to accrue and retain value in the future. When you’re searching for energy-efficient homes for sale, there are a number of features for which to look: Energy-efficient home designs minimize the amount of ductwork, plumbing, and electrical. This reduces material costs, cooling and heating loss, and has the added benefit of making maintenance [...]

9 Ways to Build an Affordable Home

Are there affordable home builders near me? Yes. That’s the short answer. We’ll give the longer answer to fill in the blanks, but one of the most critical elements is you. You are a critical part of the process and should feel empowered to make the decisions that will result in a beautiful, comfortable, efficient, and, yes, affordable home. Experienced home builders not only listen to your needs and wants, they put them at the [...]

What Makes a Home Green?

What exactly are green homes? Those built with eco-friendly materials? Or are they homes built with an energy-efficient floor plan? What impact does a green home have on your wallet? Do green homes save you money? You have questions about green homes; we have answers! Green homes share the following characteristics: Energy-Efficient Floor Plan This is where everything starts. The interior flow should help to contain energy. For instance, taking advantage of natural light is both [...]

What’s the Cost to Build a House?

How much does it cost to build a house? It's like answering the question, “What's the cost of a dinner out?” It depends. If two people go to a fast food restaurant, they can be full for between $10 to $15 dollars. If they go out to a five-star restaurant with a months-long waiting list, it can cost hundreds of dollars.  Affordable new homes in Florida follow some of the same logic. “Affordable” means something [...]

How Do Energy-Efficient Windows Work?

If you like hot with a side of humidity, Florida’s the place for you! But while that’s fine outside, you want your home inside to be nice and cool. This is where energy-efficient windows come in. What do you need to know about energy-efficient windows in Florida? Well, here's how the windows work, and more importantly, here's how they can lower your energy bill. The more you know, the more you can save! What Is Low-E [...]

Floor Plans to Fit Your Budget

You might think a spacious, energy-efficient floor plan is outside your budget. Think again. A model home builder like Synergy Homes has a variety of spacious, energy-efficient designs to suit a range of budgetary needs. Best of all, an energy-efficient floor plan will help you save money on your utility bills, making the costs of owning and keeping up the home that much more affordable. 4 Energy-Efficient Floor Plan Secrets Revealed There are a number of home elements that [...]

Energy-Efficient Homes vs. Eco-Friendly or Green Homes

One of the great unseen costs when you buy a home is the energy bill. You might choose one home over another because it's a few thousand dollars less expensive. Yet, if you pay that much in energy bills the first few years, have you really saved anything? This is why savvy buyers are looking for better options. But are energy-efficient homes the same as eco-friendly or green homes? The Green Home Green homes, or [...]