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7 Tips on How to Buy a Model Home

Finding a model home builder who makes energy efficient homes can be a win-win scenario for home buyers. In addition to realizing significant energy savings from energy-efficient home ownership, you're likely to save on the purchase price of the home. This is because most model homes are sold at a discount. And not necessarily because the homes have already been lived in. In fact, the majority of model homes are simply used for showing. Model Home [...]

Why Choose a Custom Home Building Company

When you're looking to build a new home, you'll come across a lot of new concepts. You'll realize just how complex it can be. That's OK. Take it slow – you don't have to be an expert in everything. You do need to know some broad concepts, though. As you look through Florida home building companies, you may be weighing the option of going custom. Why Choose Custom Home Builders? South Florida custom home companies [...]

How To Choose The Right Home Builder

Choosing The Right Home Builder How do you select the right home builder for you? We believe he best thing to do is to start with a checklist - right here! Take our seven steps to get started on the right home and home builder for you.   Home Builder Selection Checklist: Start by narrowing it down to location. Are you flexible and looking for South Florida home builders across a number of areas? Or [...]

The Benefits of Model Homes vs. Custom Home Building

  Is there a “best way” to build a home? You can work with a model home builder, which can make one of a wide range of homes engineered to capitalize on certain advantages. Or you can work with a custom home builder, which will build to your exact specifications. Both offer strengths. Which is right for you? Model Home Builder When it comes to model homes, you have the opportunity to select a design [...]

New Florida Home Design Trends in 2018

Home Design Trends For 2018 What are the most exciting home design trends for 2018? The key to spotting a good trend isn't just identifying something that will become fleetingly popular. It's also about finding those trends that won't age quickly. There are people still suffering through shag carpets, sponge walls, and nautical designed everything. Florida home designs should feature the new designs that won't just wow today, but will also impress in a decade from [...]

Eco-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable

There are a lot of eco-friendly ways to make your home comfortable without jacking up your energy bill. Choosing Energy Star appliances is just the beginning. What are other great solutions for enjoying more energy efficient homes? Eco-Friendly Ways to Control Your Homes Climate Insulate & Seal: Cooling and heating can make up nearly half of your total energy bill. Yet most people don't even think to have their homes inspected for gaps through [...]

House Products That Ramp Up Your Energy Bill

Products That Increase Your Energy Bill Energy efficient homes are the wave of the future. We rely so much on electronic devices and appliances that the cost of maintaining our lifestyles has ballooned. When we've got 20 or 30 items in our homes plugged in near-constantly, energy costs add up. It's one reason Synergy model homes have focused so much on efficiency, especially in the design and construction phases. But there’s also steps you [...]

Add Home Value With These 4 Kitchen Updates – Presented By Progress Lighting

Adding Home Value With Kitchen Updates Considering renovating a portion of your home? If so, the kitchen is a great space to begin with! As modern home design continues to emphasize connecting the kitchen, living and dining areas, this space becomes a gathering spot for guests, and in turn one of the most significant rooms in your home. With these tips from our partners at Progress Lighting, you can transform this space while also [...]

Which Energy Efficient Floor Plan is Right for You?

Whats The Right Energy Efficient Floor Plan For You? The same energy efficient floor plan doesn't fit for every homeowner and family. Families have different desires and need varying amounts of space. Synergy Homes offers an array of models, designed to fit your definition of “dream home.” You’ll find different floorplans, flows, and feels: but one factor remains the same. All of our homes are energy efficient -- the environment and your bank account [...]

What You Get with the Synergy Advantage

The Advantage Of Synergy Homes What makes our energy efficient homes different? They are built with savings and conservation in mind from the very beginning. Each step from the planning phase through the construction phase is handled with exacting care. Retrofitting an existing home can make it more efficient; but there’s nothing like starting from the ground up. Synergy floorplans start with energy efficiency in mind. How envelope components fit together can influence energy [...]