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How to Choose a Floor Plan for Your Custom Home

How do you choose from the wide variety of Florida floor plans that are available? It can be overwhelming if you’re just starting out. Luckily, you’re in the right place! Today, floor plans for houses come in many shapes and sizes. When you're choosing one for a custom home, you'll need to order and prioritize your decisions. If you make smaller decisions first, this can change larger ones and start you over at square one. [...]

How Much Energy Does Your Home Consume?

How much energy does your home use? Your electric bill will give you some idea, but how do you know if your energy consumption rate is good or bad? A home energy assessment can help you identify easy ways to save money. In fact, an energy evaluation can even get your home registered in the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program. This increases the home's value and its attractiveness on the market. What Is an Energy [...]

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Stock vs. Customized Floor Plans

What's the difference between customized and stock home plans? Customized floor plans allow you a breadth of design choices that stock home model plans don't necessarily allow. Stock homes meanwhile feature proven design qualities that have been tested - and lived in - out in the real world. Custom Home Plans Customized floor plans allow you to design around your specific needs, including land features or views that you wish the home to highlight. Customized [...]

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How High Performance Homes Save You Money

What are high performance homes? They utilize scientific methods in their design. They increase energy efficiency, air quality, and provide health benefits a standard home won't. When you're buying a home, you'll notice that high performance models are built with a range of different advantages in mind: Save on Energy Bills A high performance prospect may offer very reduced energy costs because it's so efficient. This is achieved through scientific design, material choice, use of [...]

The Latest Interior Design Trend: Mix and Match

Often, people are hesitant to mix and match lighting fixtures in their homes, because they're unsure about the outcome. However, interior design trends like mixing and matching give individuals the power to not only create - but personalize! - their own settings. Speaking of personalization, why not start with a brand-new custom-built home from Synergy Homes? By going with a new home that's designed around your needs and wants (not someone else’s), you can live in the [...]

How to Measure Air Leakage in a Home

Air can leak out from windows and doors. That much is common sense we all know. It's why you yell at someone to close the door. “I'm not paying to air condition the neighborhood,” is popular on any hot day. Yet the air leaks in a home can be far worse than simply standing with the door open a few seconds. From wiring to piping, to ill-fitting ductwork, insulation gaps, or gaps around door and [...]

How to Create a Coastal Design in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you have a lakefront view - or just enjoy the calming effects of ocean-inspired accent colors - the coastal design style is on trend in today's Florida homes. According to our friends at Progress Lighting, there are three key elements - color, lighting and furnishings - to take into consideration when it comes to bringing a coastal-inspired space to life. Read on to learn more and get inspired to create a coastal environment of [...]

What’s the Best Home Roofing Material for Florida?

When you're building energy-efficient homes in Florida, you can't skimp on your roofing material. The sun is so blazing hot most of the year that your roofing choice can directly impact a lot of other costs and savings. What is the best home roofing material for our region? How to Rate Roofing There are two chief factors for roofing material to be energy efficient. First is SRI, or Solar Reflectance Index. Roofs absorb heat. The [...]

How to Build Affordably in Florida

When your goal is to build affordably in Florida, it's crucial not to just focus on saving money in the construction of your home: balance low-cost house designs and floor plans with materials that will last. Ideally, you’ll have a home that is affordable to build - and just as budget-friendly to live in for years to come. First step: find a builder that specializes in cost-efficient homes. Building Smaller vs. Building Smarter When people [...]

5 LEED Categories Where Insulation Matters

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. These standards help identify sustainable buildings, which makes building green homes easier. There are a variety of LEED categories where insulation makes a big difference. Insulation’s job is to keep cool air inside and warm air out and vice versa during those few weeks you'll be using the heat in Florida. It’s critical in these areas: Minimum Energy Performance: This refers to the minimum level of [...]