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How Do Energy-Efficient Windows Work?

If you like hot with a side of humidity, Florida’s the place for you! But while that’s fine outside, you want your home inside to be nice and cool. This is where energy-efficient windows come in. What do you need to know about energy-efficient windows in Florida? Well, here's how the windows work, and more importantly, here's how they can lower your energy bill. The more you know, the more you can save! What Is Low-E [...]

Floor Plans to Fit Your Budget

You might think a spacious, energy-efficient floor plan is outside your budget. Think again. A model home builder like Synergy Homes has a variety of spacious, energy-efficient designs to suit a range of budgetary needs. Best of all, an energy-efficient floor plan will help you save money on your utility bills, making the costs of owning and keeping up the home that much more affordable. 4 Energy-Efficient Floor Plan Secrets Revealed There are a number of home elements that [...]

Energy-Efficient Homes vs. Eco-Friendly or Green Homes

One of the great unseen costs when you buy a home is the energy bill. You might choose one home over another because it's a few thousand dollars less expensive. Yet, if you pay that much in energy bills the first few years, have you really saved anything? This is why savvy buyers are looking for better options. But are energy-efficient homes the same as eco-friendly or green homes? The Green Home Green homes, or [...]

Spring Cleaning Your Florida Home

As a South Florida home builder, we get a lot of questions about spring cleaning. Well, we do build, care for and clean up after tours and open houses in our new Florida homes, so we have a lot of experience! Following are some of our top tips. Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Florida Home The first step of cleaning is always decluttering. This might create more dust, but you're about to clean that [...]

3 Benefits of a High-Performance Custom Home

We value cars that are high performance, yet we spend more money on homes – and homes contain even more engineering than cars. Homes are also more expensive to maintain. Doesn't it make sense that we should want high-performance homes with beautiful engineering to cut down on our costs? Custom home builders can make that goal a reality. In fact, as Palm Beach County home builders, we regularly make dreams of high-performance custom homes come [...]

Different Types of Energy Efficient Insulation

The best energy efficient homes are designed with savings in mind. This includes home insulation that conserves energy spending and creates a smaller environmental footprint. The most common forms of insulation are easy for DIY touch-up projects, but very complex to implement on a large scale. This makes insulation both easy to use - and easy to misuse. One of the biggest mistakes home owners make is failing to tuck and fit materials around irregularly [...]

Essential Tips for New Homeowners

When you own a home for the first time, the number of new lessons you need to learn can be daunting. To help you get started, Synergy Homes - a leading South Florida builder of high-performance, energy efficient homes - has put together a list of quick tips for new homeowners. Take each tip one at a time, and you'll be on the path to responsible home ownership. Important Lessons for New Homeowners Start by looking [...]

Efficient Ways to Keep Your House Cool

Some like it hot. But when it comes to another sweltering Florida summer, most of us prefer it a bit cooler! How can you stay comfortable - without raising your utility bill through the roof? Cool Can Be Costly They don’t call it the “Sunshine State” for nothing! The year-round warmth is a prime attraction for Florida residents and visitors, but it comes with a cost. In fact, air conditioning accounts for 27 percent of [...]

7 Tips on How to Buy a Model Home

Finding a model home builder who makes energy efficient homes can be a win-win scenario for home buyers. In addition to realizing significant energy savings from energy-efficient home ownership, you're likely to save on the purchase price of the home. This is because most model homes are sold at a discount. And not necessarily because the homes have already been lived in. In fact, the majority of model homes are simply used for showing. Model Home [...]

Why Choose a Custom Home Building Company

When you're looking to build a new home, you'll come across a lot of new concepts. You'll realize just how complex it can be. That's OK. Take it slow – you don't have to be an expert in everything. You do need to know some broad concepts, though. As you look through Florida home building companies, you may be weighing the option of going custom. Why Choose Custom Home Builders? South Florida custom home companies [...]