Biltmore Homes

South Florida model homes must provide you with everything you expect and want. Biltmore homes are designed for how people live and what they need to reduce stress in their lives. With 1,809 square feet under air and 2,248 total square feet, they’re spaciously designed for a family to live in a way that brings them together while still allowing private space both to relax and get work done.

A good family home in South Florida is one that blends the communal together with the private. That means the living area has actual room for everyone to come together in a way that’s comfortable. If it’s a tight space, there’s more stress. When you have an open area to talk, play games, enjoy TV, entertain guests, or for your children to work on group projects, then you have an area that defines your home and better allows your family to define themselves.

At the same time, everyone needs privacy to de-stress, to retreat, to read, to work privately, whatever it may be. That’s legitimate, which is why the four bedrooms in Biltmore homes are designed around the living area. There are places to come together to de-stress, and there are quiet places where you can breathe deep.

Having enough time and space aids in maintaining that level of comfort. That’s why Biltmore homes have two bathrooms, so everyone can get ready without getting in each others’ ways. The 2-car garage has ample space to protect your vehicles from the elements and also store what you need to keep your home de-cluttered.

As an Element Series home, it features a range of energy-efficient, cost-saving features. This includes Energy Star-rated appliances, high quality insulation, double-pane windows, high-efficiency AC, water saving fixtures, a continuously vented attic. A big favorite is the 40-gallon quick recovery water heater, allowing you quick access to hot water. This means less water is wasted, but it also means showers that get right to the temperature you want them.

All those energy efficient features in Biltmore homes can potentially add up to thousands a year saved in energy costs. They also help a home build value better than homes that lack such features.

There are a number of clever additions that are built around making the living space as stress-free as possible. Soaring ceilings open up the living area. Tile floors in the foyer are durable and easy to clean. Elements like a utility room and a pantry allow quick and easy storage in the areas of the home that most need them.

South Florida Model Homes

These homes are built to last, too. South Florida model homes like the Biltmore excel in hurricane-resistance. The foundation is monolithic, steel-reinforced, 2500-psi concrete with a vapor barrier, and the home features 30-year shingles and exterior wall insulation. There’s nothing that reduces the stress in our lives so completely as knowing our loved ones are safe. Biltmore homes allow safety, comfort, energy savings, thoughtfulness, and entertainment to come together all under one roof.

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Model: Biltmore

313 Collings StPalm Bay, FL 32909

  • Bedrooms 4

  • Bathrooms 2

  • Garage Size 2

  • Floor Size 1,809 SQFT

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