Charleston Series Model Homes

Welcome to the Charleston.

The Charleston series make tremendous use of space. As energy efficient home model builders in Florida, we wanted to create spaces that are easy and inexpensive to maintain. Our most modest floor plan to date comes in at just under 1,700 square feet of living space, not counting the entry room, porch, and garage.

What really makes the Synergy Charleston model work so well is a design philosophy that blends central social spaces with access to privacy. After all, a family needs a healthy balance of both. The master bedroom opens up into the great room on one side and a bathroom with two walk in closets on the other.

Similarly, the second and third bedrooms on the opposite corner of the home have their own bathroom and hall. By entering into a hall, children can maintain their sense of having their own space, but still have easy access to the great room for family socializing. In this way, the Synergy Charleston model encourages a greater sense of independence even when you’re really just in the next room.

The great room itself borders the dining room, which in turn opens into the kitchen. This gives each space its sense of use while still keeping them easily accessible to each other. Both the dining room and master bedroom open onto the porch from opposite sides. We love the detail of the master bedroom opening to the porch, allowing you a chance to step out with some privacy and enjoy a sunset.

As we mentioned, Charleston series model homes are energy efficient, built to save on one of the primary expenses of owning a home. We even pay energy bills for up to two years as a demonstration of confidence in our design and craftsmanship.

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Charleston Model Home

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Charleston Home Floor Plan

Charleston Home Model Floor Plans


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2-car garage

Square Footage
1651 living
438 garage
98 porch
46 entry
2233 total