Thousands of people move to Florida every single year. There are lots of reasons people love Florida. It offers a steady, strong economy that hit $1 trillion just a few years ago. The unemployment rate continually remains well under the national average, and there’s so much to see and do throughout the state. If you’re considering a move here, though, there are a few things to know about relocating to Florida: tips and tricks you may not have previously considered. Here are five you’ll want to keep in mind. 


1. Choose the Right Area For You:

Among the things to know when moving to Florida is the fact that there are three distinct regions to consider. Northern Florida has a number of metro areas as well as natural attractions. Jacksonville is located here, and it’s the most populous city in the state. Tallahassee, home to the state’s largest university, is also here. There are a number of beautiful state parks here, too, including Manatee Springs and Wakulla. The climate here can vary a bit, with temperatures ranging from 68 degrees to 92 degrees, and you may be a bit further from the beach of your choice, but there are also fewer risks of hurricanes in this part of the state. Central Florida is the second major part of this state, and the cities here are growing faster than they are in any other part of the state. Orlando is part of the central region, as is Tampa. There are many different industries here, including many companies based around the defense industry, lots of financial services companies, and a number of manufacturing facilities. There’s also much to see and do here, thanks to the proximity to the beautiful beaches and the extensive number of theme parks and resorts. Southern Florida is the last piece of this beautiful state. Miami is in this region and is the center of unique natural attractions in the state. From the beauty of the Keys to the Everglades, there’s so much to see in this area. 

2. Know The Costs:

Florida is an incredibly inexpensive place to live. The cost of living is below the national average, and many median home prices are just under the national average. As many people know, there is no state income tax in Florida, so you’ll see more in your take-home pay than you will in most other states. Property taxes tend to be a bit higher in the state, though, and naturally, there are sales taxes to consider. Additionally, the gas tax in Florida is among the highest in the nation, so when you move to Florida, you’ll want to select a home that’s close to your workplace. Don’t worry, though, as the economy is quite strong throughout the state. While tourism remains the state’s primary industry, many economic sectors are growing quickly, including the tech sector, so you’re likely to find a job in the field of your choice without a problem. 

3. Understand the Power of Education:

Florida public schools are highly ranked across the nation, so if you’re moving here with kids, you’ll have lots of great options. They’re currently ranked sixth in the nation, and students here demonstrate excellent test scores. There are also many education options throughout the state, including great public schools, excellent private schools, and strong homeschooling networks. If you want your child to go on to a state or private university, there are many great options throughout the state for that as well. 

4. Think Diversity:

Florida is a very diverse place. From the cultural diversity, you’ll see throughout the state to the age diversity in almost every city, this is a place to connect with people who look and think like you do. While it’s universally known as a great place to retire, the strong economy keeps lots of young professionals coming into its cities regularly. With well-established immigrant communities from across South America and Africa as well, this beautiful state celebrates diversity at every turn. 

5. Consider Your Recreational Opportunities:

When most people think about the state of Florida, they only think about the beaches and the theme parks. Those are certainly a part of life here, but there’s so much more to do throughout the state. There are opportunities to explore the extensive history of the Florida coast, as well as lots of options to see amazing wildlife you might never see anywhere else. If you fancy hiking, boating, parasailing, or just relaxing in a quiet cove, there is no single better place to find what you love than this state. 


There are so many things to know when moving to Florida that it’s hard to compose a single list, but if you’re considering this state, it might be helpful to start your list when you book an upcoming visit. 

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