A family friendly home goes beyond the home itself. Narrow your home choice down based on layout, location, and how well it fits your plans going forward. Now you can start applying family friendly elements. These can range from the neighbors to smart home features. Each element you consider should make your life as a family easier and less stressful.

Do You Have a Yard?

A home with outdoor space is immediately more relaxing in the long run than a home without this. Immediate access to a good-sized yard gives you your own private slice of outdoor life. It’s important for children to be able to go outside at every stage of their lives – to run around, explore, play, host parties, whatever it may be. Having some outdoor space is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in terms of reducing your own stress day after day.

School Quality & Proximity

This is an obvious factor, but dive deep into both the school and its services. A home that’s 15 minutes away from school but not on the bus route may not be as desirable as one that’s 25 minutes away but with good access to school transportation.

Smart Home Features

Smart home features can make life a lot easier. When you’re spending time with your children, sometimes you can’t get up to make the small adjustments. Smart home technology allows you to control your home’s security, lighting, temperature, entertainment, and other features from your phone or with your voice.


Growing your family means having access to storage. You’ll want to save memories, supplies, hand-me downs, and a thousand other things. Have some space to expand what you put into storage. Whatever you have now will double with each child by the time they leave home.

Can You Take a Walk?

What’s around you? What can you walk to? Is there easy access to a place for hiking? Small businesses and unique shops? Walking 10 minutes as a family for ice cream can provide better bonding time than driving those 10 minutes.

When you choose a family friendly home, remember that your choices should be built around the experiences you want to have, or the stresses you’ll want to reduce. Travel time, caring for your home, and not having enough room are often stresses. Being able to step into nature, having a safe neighborhood to take a walk in, and easily controlling smart home features allow you to reduce stress and spend more time with your family.

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