Do you want to be lean, green, and mean? Well, at least lean and green! Energy efficient house designs are an excellent way to reduce your environmental impact and the cost of maintaining your home into the future. In the past, the cost of building green was often more than that of traditional building. But as materials and technologies have improved, this has largely equalized. In fact, you can build cheaper by opting for energy efficient elements.

Key Advantages of Small Energy Efficient House Plans

Here we go!

1. Lower Construction Costs

Smaller house = smaller construction costs. While this isn’t a universal truth, it’s close! Great energy efficient house designs organize space optimally so you never feel confined or constricted. Rather, you have the room you need to life your life comfortably. When you get rid of the excess, you reduce the footprint in terms of the foundation, roof, and exterior walls. You buy less materials – and by extension, pay less to have them installed.

2. Lower Systems Costs

When you need to run wiring, duct work, and piping throughout a huge house, it costs more. The math is pretty simple! With a smaller home, you’ll create more compact systems for your electrical, heating, and plumbing needs, which reduces the expense. Furthermore, because the ducts are shorter, they do not lose as much hot or cold air; because the pipes are shorter, you achieve better water efficiency. This will save you money month after month and year after year.

3. Lower Utility Bills

As mentioned, your systems will run more efficiently, cutting your utility costs consistently. You will also have less square footage to heat or cool, requiring a smaller furnace or air conditioning solution. You will also need less artificial light and fewer outlets.

4. Lower Ongoing Maintenance Costs

Small energy efficient house plans cut the amount of maintenance you need to do going forward. For example, if you choose to repaint or re-side your home, you can do so much less expensively for a 1,000 square foot house than a 3,000 square foot model. Even cleaning is easier and faster. That’s a bonus in and of itself!

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