If you are from elsewhere in the country, you know that the best time to visit Florida is between November and mid-May. You’ll escape the cold and ice and find out why we call it the Sunshine State. But what about the best time of year to buy a house in Florida? Seasonal variations can have a big impact on prices, so when should you look to seal the deal?

The Best Time to Buy Property or Homes in Florida 

Seasonal fluctuations can impact prices by as much as $20,000. But timing can be tricky: in the winter, you have a better shot at scoring a good deal – but there are fewer houses on the market. Most people wait until spring/summer to sell because they know that they can command a higher price. 

Winter deals are often in “as is” condition because owners need to move or unload their homes relatively quickly; they cannot wait until summer and/or they cannot put money into sprucing it up. This is a broad generalization, of course. You have to take each house as its own separate opportunity! 

The median home sales price in winter is just under a quarter million at $241,000. When the mercury rises, so do the prices. In spring, it jumps about $7,000 on its way to a summer high of $251,667. In case you’re wondering, July is statistically the priciest month in which to buy ($251K), while January is the least expensive ($236K).

Trying to time your buy is more complex than the season, though. If you have to sacrifice some of your key wants and needs for a lower price, is it worth a few thousand dollars? Another factor to consider is the cost of operating your home in the future. If you opt for a high performance home, you can recoup any seasonal price differences, and then some, because you will be paying less for utilities.

The bottom line is that buying in the right season is harder than vacationing in the right season! The best time to buy property or a home is the time that works for you. Consult with Synergy Homes, and see if the answer is “Now”!

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